Welcome to  one of Minnesota's finest Daily Fee Public Golf courses, The Summit Golf Club in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.  The Summit can boast up to a brawny 7,300 + yards for the seasoned player, but with 4 levels of flat & well-maintained tee-boxes, golfers of all skill sets can play on the BIG course. A highlight of our 27-Hole facility & practice range is a sweet LITTLE Par 3 course featuring very legitimate holes from 100 to 210 yards long.

The short Course is great for beginners and seasoned golfers alike, and the BIG Course is enjoyable for all level of players, as well. 

The Summit is an easy drive from Minneapolis/St.Paul and the surrounding suburbs. It's about a 45 minute clip north of Rochester, Minnesota. Our bent grass fairways, tees and greens are in magnificent condition all season long. Please view directions if coming to the course for the first time!

"Just because it’s public golf, it doesn’t have to feel that way..."

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